About the artist


So, a bit about me! I'm Melanie Clark and I am the person behind the bears!

I started designing and creating bears in 1992 at the age of 14. I still can't believe that it has been that long! Making bears and other critters is my Passion. I am a self taught maker and have never taken a class or had any professional teaching in Bear making. Everything I have learned has been on my own through trial and error... and lots of needle poked fingers on my part ;).

I grew up in the City Known for it's Monster Shopping mall... the city of Edmonton (in Alberta, Canada Eh ;) ). I now live in Spruce Grove, which is a smaller city near Edmonton. I hope in the coming years I can get out of the city and buy a hobby farm.

 I Love animals and have a my own wee menagerie. I have 3 wonderful cats, fish and a few wee canaries. I am also a Halloween Junkie and as soon as fall hits I turn into some sort of Halloween crazed Monster.. lol!  I collect Halloween props and my house in early October is transformed to something out a horror movie prop room.. lol. 


So anyway, back to the bears!... All the bears and other Creatures are designed and made by myself one at a time. My full sized bears My bears are always made from quality Mohair or Alpaca. Maybe the odd synthetic will creep in from time to time. Miniatures are made from Mohair or Quality new or Vintage upholstery Fabric.

The bears have either glass or sometimes shoe button eyes. Some Minis receive Onyx or glass bead eyes when glass eyes ones are just too large . Stuffing will usually vary in each design. Typically I use: Polyester, Excelsior, Plastic pellets, Glass pellets, or steel pellets

My bears and other Creations can be found in collections all over the world and have been featured in many Magazines. Including: Teddy Bear Review. The new defunct Teddy Bear and Friends, Teddy Today, Mary Beth's Teddy Bears and More, and Teddy Bear Club international.

Most of my bears are one of a kinds but I have few open and limited editions also available


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